Victoria Co-operative Fisheries Ltd.

Fast Fact

The Co-op has survived the collapse of the ground fishery and other related fisheries by revamping the business model to include processing shellfish.

Sales in 2013 reached in excess of $21 Million.

A Sustainable Industry


Advancing in a Sustainable Seafood Industry

Victoria Co-op Fisheries has been in operation since 1956. Over time we have witnessed drastic changes in the Atlantic Canada fishing industry and have adapted our business to accommodate these changes in a highly effective and sustainable manner. Our members realize the importance of science and partnerships in managing our fisheries and Victoria Co-op Fisheries fully supports their conservation and fisheries management efforts. Through working together with our members, our company is able to procureĀ  sustainable and high quality fish and seafood products for our customers. Quality is key in the seafood industry and of critical importance to our customers. Our customers actively seek out our products due to the fact that our seafood is harvested daily by our Co-op members from a pristine environment and is delivered directly to our processing facility by our own refrigerated trucks. The processed products are then shipped via our own refrigerated reefer trailers to our various customers. Our snow crab products are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified which signifies the highest level of sustainability in the fishing industry. Our Victoria Brand is well-known as a high quality seafood product and is actively sought after by our customers.